Presents for People Who Love the Past

Dear Friends – I wasn’t planning to post this until December, but I suddenly realized you won’t have time to order any of these lovely gifts! So here are twenty gift ideas for the history buff on your list.

If you are still in need of inspiration, I posted a list of twenty gift ideas at this time last year. To see them, click: Presents for People Who Love the Past 2014.

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First, for the little ones. How cute is this aviator hat for either a girl or a boy? The Etsy website (if you haven't heard of this website, it is the ultimate source of all things handmade) offers a variety of styles, even knitted aviator caps for newborns.

This one costs $20.51 U.S. and you can see more info by clicking Aviator Hat.

Ladies, if you love 1940s styles – and who wouldn’t, they are so flattering and comfortable – check out this Canadian website by clicking Blame Betty.

This polka dot dress would be perfect for Christmas and costs just $109 Canadian. Check out more great dresses here by clicking: Swing Dresses.

I wear my pantyhose with back seams to every book signing event, and people always want to know where I found them! After a long search, I located mine at Holt Renfrew. But then I found these online from Nordstroms, at just $15.30 Canadian. To order, click: Stockings With Seams.

Here’s a new twist on the old “You Can Do It” image of Rosie the Riveter. It’s a personalized T-shirt, replacing the word “You” with a woman's name! (I’m seriously thinking of getting one made that says “Elinor Can Do It.”)

It costs $24.95 U.S. from this American website. To order, click: Rosie T-Shirt.

If your guys (or gals) have any affiliation with the Royal Canadian Air Force or simply wish to show their support for our proud military air force heritage, buy them one of these handsome hats from the Bomber Command Museum online shop in Nanton, Alberta. It costs $37 Canadian including taxes and shipping. To order, click: RCAF Hat.

The Legion has a Poppy Store with some absolutely beautiful poppy-themed gifts. You could buy gifts for everyone on your list in one place. Here are a few of my favourite items.

This lovely Poppy Brooch could replace the paper poppy you wear on Remembrance Day, plus you could wear it year-round. You can also order matching poppy earrings separately. The brooch costs $39.95 Canadian. To order, click: Poppy Brooch.

These cozy Poppy Mitts are available for either kids or adults, at a cost of $17.95 Canadian. To order, click: Poppy Mitts.

This pretty Poppy Ornament comes in a Gift Box, and it would make an ideal gift for a grandchild to give to a grandparent. The cost is $16.95 Canadian. To order, click: Poppy Ornament.

And to see all the other poppy gift ideas, click: Poppy Store.

This 2016 Warbird Pinup Girls calendar offers the winning combination of vintage aircraft and pretty women. There are other gift ideas available through the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum in Hamilton, Ontario. To order the calendar for $29.99 Canadian plus shipping, click Pinup Girls.

These military-type binoculars are olive drab in colour, 7x50, waterproof and fogproof, and they float! They cost $262.49 Canadian from the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa. To order, click: Binoculars

This bullet-shaped pen bears the Canadian Army printed insignia. It has a medium tip, and black ink. It costs $12.99 Canadian at this website called Canex. To order, click: Bullet Pen

Also from Canex is this Canadian Army brass belt buckle, for just $10.99 Canadian. To order, click Belt Buckle.

Almost everyone who learned how to fly in wartime in Canada did so on one of these bright yellow training aircraft, the unforgettable Harvard. Now you can have a pair of flying Harvards on your desktop in the form of a mousepad. This one is available for $11.99 Canadian from the website of the Canada Science and Technology Museums Corporation. To order, click: Mousepad.

Back to the Poppy Store again, for the man on your list. Every time he looks at the face of this handsome watch, which costs $69.95 Canadian, he will see the words: “Lest We Forget.” It's also available as a lady's watch. To order, click Poppy Watch.

This wooden P-51 Mustang commemorative Desk Clock and Thermometer is pretty cool and vintage in style. It can be ordered for $119.99 U.S. from Sporty’s Preferred Living. To order, click: Mustang Clock.

This World War Two chess set has Germany and the United States facing off, with Hitler and Roosevelt as kings. It appears to be available from a number of websites, but I found it on this Vancouver site called The Source for $83.00 Canadian. To order, click: Chess Set.

A gift subscription to The Senior Paper is perfect for someone who likes to read about the old days, especially if he or she is from the prairies. It consists almost entirely of reader submissions.

I’m a monthly columnist for this 36-page paper, rewriting my Wartime Wednesdays blog each month, and I can’t believe the popularity of this publication among its readers. Right now there is a Christmas gift special on for $39.00. You can order it here, or request a free preview copy, by clicking: Senior Paper

For a mere $9.99, you can buy the DVD and watch this classic movie based on a daring raid against three key dams in Germany. But before you watch the movie, I urge you to read my recent interview with one of the guys who was there! Fred Sutherland of Rocky Mountain House, Alberta is one of the last two surviving Dam Busters and he remembers it well. Read his story by clicking: Fred Sutherland.

To order the DVD, click: The Dam Busters.

Almost all old movies and TV shows can be ordered from Amazon. To see previous blog posts about my favourites, click My Top Ten Flyer Flicks, and My Top Ten TV Series.

This new book by my friend Anne Gafiuk is a real slice of history. Using an old scrapbook compiled during the war by Alice Spackman of Okotoks, Alberta, Anne created a picture of what life was like for the folks back home.

The book costs $40 plus shipping, and contains a wealth of photographs and newspaper clippings that will provide hours of reading pleasure. You can order it from Anne in Calgary by emailing or calling her directly at 403-241-2983.



I’m offering a Christmas special on my own novel, Bird’s Eye View. (If you would like to see what others have said about the book, click here and then scroll down to read: Reviews.)

The book retails for $24.99 plus taxes in bookstores. For $35 including taxes and shipping I will sign and personalize a copy, and mail it to the recipient of your choice, anywhere in Canada.

You can send a cheque or money order to Elinor Florence, RR4, 2-1630 Johnston Road, Invermere, B.C., V0A 1K4, or call me at 250-342-0444 if you would rather pay online. (Don’t leave it too long, though, if you want the book to arrive by Christmas!)

               STAR WEEKLY AT WAR

The Star Weekly was a Canadian newsmagazine that published lovely illustrations throughout the war. This wasn't a cover image, but it shows yet another version of Rosie the Riveter -- and this one is using her welding torch to toast her cheese sandwich! Woman's ingenuity at work!

To see my collection of Star Weekly covers, click here: Star Weekly at War.

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