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Happy Canada Week, everyone! Our national holiday is the first of July, but we deserve more than one day to reflect on our fascinating past, and our promising future.

Here's a 1941 image from the Star Weekly magazine. To see my entire collection of Star Weekly covers, please click here and scroll to the bottom of the page: Star Weekly at War.

A Canadian soldier and a little girl with sparklers are shown on this cover dated May 23, 1941.


Boat-Busting in Burma

It’s especially rewarding to interview veterans who are still living, and hear their stories from their own lips. One of my favourite interviews was with Jim Ashworth, who flew a Hurricane fighter over Burma, and still lives near me in Invermere, British Columbia. Click here to read: Boat-Busting in Burma.

RCAF Rancherette Blazed the Trail

Women in uniform and their contribution to the war effort is a pet project for me, and so I loved talking with Nancy Lee Tegart about her time in the Royal Canadian Air Force, Women’s Division. To read her story, click: RCAF Rancherette Blazed the Trail.

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