My Favorite Hobby:
Renewing the Past


"Our objects, bibelots, whatnots, and knickknacks say the most about who we are. They are as honest as a diary."

- Charlotte Moss


Home decorating – using vintage furniture, family keepsakes and thrift store bargains – has always been a passion of mine. I blame it on my mother, who really did brake for garage sales. I remember riding home in the back seat of her car with my twelve-year-old legs sticking out the window to make room for a cedar hope chest. That chest now holds my vintage tablecloth collection.

Almost everything in my house has a story, and some of my favourite items have now found their way into my Cowboy Cabin.

A few years ago I caught wind of an old log cabin in our town that was going under the wrecking ball to make way for new development.

When I first saw it, I wasn’t impressed.

But it was free, so I decided to ask our young family friend Chris to move the cabin onto our acreage near the edge of town. My husband was skeptical, but I had the bright idea that we could use it for a garden shed. Chris dismantled the cabin, numbered the logs and dumped them in our back yard.

Chris then reassembled the cabin, with the help of his sister Amber. They worked hard, and we were impressed with the results.

We added a new roof made of cedar shakes, built a deck on the front and it’s now a beautiful addition to our acreage, both inside and out.

The floor couldn’t be salvaged, so we just built a plywood floor and painted it. I covered the floor with this old rug that had been stuffed in a closet for the past twenty years. (I knew that rug would come in handy sometime!) The colours really work with the golden hue of the wood.


The bunk beds were used by two of my daughters when they were small. I covered the bottom bunk with my best garage sale discovery, a Hudson Bay blanket.

Two of my Scottish forefathers married aboriginal women, so the beaded moccasins and mukluks are another reference to my Plains Cree roots.

The bronze sculpture called “The Rattler” was a gift from my dear departed Dad.

My youngest daughter caught this jackfish in Turtle Lake, Saskatchewan when she was nine years old.

Another daughter found this skull on a riverbank in Mexico. We told her to throw it away, but she cried so hard that we smuggled it home in a suitcase.

Although it doesn’t have electricity or plumbing, guests beg to sleep in my cozy Cowboy Cabin. As for me, I love sitting on the deck in the afternoon sunshine, enjoying a good book!



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