Wildwood cover

An old house. A single mother.
An epic battle with the wilderness.

Broke and desperate, Molly Bannister accepts the ironclad condition laid down in her great-aunt’s will: to spend one year in an abandoned, off-the-grid farmhouse in the remote backwoods of northern Alberta. If successful, she can sell the farm and fund her four-year-old daughter’s badly needed medical treatments.

The book was released in February 2018!


Winning the war was everything.
Even if it meant losing herself.

ELINOR FLORENCE: Author and Speaker



After a long career in journalism, I fulfilled my dream of writing fiction. My first wartime novel, Bird's Eye View, was published in 2014 by Dundurn Press of Toronto and has since become a Canadian bestseller, listed in both the Globe & Mail and the Toronto Star newspapers.

My newest novel Wildwood, released in February 2018, explores the homesteader experience inspired by my own family history.

I grew up on a farm in Saskatchewan, but for many years my home has been the resort town of Invermere, British Columbia, in the majestic Canadian Rockies.

Like Miss Marple, I love village life. I’m also passionate about Canadian history and all things vintage, from beadwork to bombers.

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Most of all, I love to write. From 2013 to 2018, I wrote Wartime Wednesdays -- more than 100 stories that I uncovered while researching our country’s proud wartime past. To find them, click Blog on the top bar.

I've published many of the stories from Wartime Wednesdays in my non-fiction book, My Favourite Veterans: True Stories From World War Two's Hometown Heroes.

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In January 2019, I launched my new blog called Letters From Windermere, a chatty update of News, Notes and Nostalgia. You can subscribe by clicking on the Blog button above, and then entering your email address in the little yellow box.

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